2012 Update Schedule - Ogre Battle 64 Archive
Since 2012 is so close, I thought I write up my 2012 update schedule! These are all the features that WILL be accomplished by 2013. If you have any suggestions for me, let me know. I always LOVE making more content!

Beasts Page Update : Spring 2012
Golem Page Update: Spring 2012
Main Character Page Update: Spring/Summer 2012
NPC page creation: Summer 2012
Flash Guide Update: Summer 2012
Item Index Armors: Summer 2012
Item Index Helms: Fall 2012
Item Index Other: Fall 2012
Item Index Usable: Fall 2012
Item Index Update "How to find XXX item": Winter 2012
Spell Page Update: Winter 2012
Elem Pedra Page Update: Winter 2012
1/5/2012 15:36:07

I have seen (incomplete) art around for the Daemon class enemy as well as artwork for Danika and Zeda. Do you have the artwork for these characters/classes or do you know where I can find them? The art in question is like the model of the Knight of Danika you have posted in this update by the way.

2/10/2012 01:26:10

Yo! This is Zargata. I have Zeda, although it requires A LOT of work. And Yes I have seen the incomplete Danika as well, although I have nothing better to offer. I will start the NPC page in the summer so you can wait till then or send me an email, (Zargataogrebattle@gmail.com) if you want Zeda sooner.

As, Daemon class pics are published on the daemon page. I finished those long ago. ((also sorry for late reply))

La Tienda
3/9/2013 14:14:02

Are you still working on the NPC page, because i love your website it helps me and my brothers when we play Ogre Battle 64 (DA BEST GAME EVAR!!!), i hope you dont get discouraged and not continue it because i really want to know all the NPCs


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