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Hello Ogre Battle community!
Good news! The forum is almost complete! There are still topics to be made and things to edit, but it now has it's structure. For the project, I ripped many images directly from the game. Later this week you should see a new page pop up.
After the forum is complete I will begin my next video project. Huzzah! Dragon move show case anyone?
So you might be wondering when I will give you the URL right? Well since I figure no one reads this, I'll post it right here. If you have troubles with anything, let me know.
The sooner you join, the higher chance you have of getting all those cool user names! Join today!
I made it myself! :P

Anyway, it has some minor problems, but once I learn how to fix it I'll reupload it. But for now, please enjoy! :D
Edit: Yeah, I tryed, but I am still new to this whole video thing so I was unable to fix the minor problems. :( oh well.
Heya Ogre Battle fans! I added a few new things, so I do hope you like them. Namely is the new Chaos Frame page.
Also I am going through each page and updating text and making it all look better. On top of that I am also in the process of making the official forum for this site. So yeah lots of stuff.
Speaking of which I am going to need to find some moderators. So if you want super amazing powers you should sign up!
In the comment area, please list all experience you have. If you don't have any experience, don't worry, just list some reasons why you would make a good mod. :)
Okay thanks! Have a great day!
Hello again! Well after some tests I was able to record a high quality video of Ogre Battle 64 game play with my computer. All that I need to do now is learn how to edit videos. So with this new super cool thing at my command, what will I make videos of?
Would you like a visual walk through on how to obtain certain secret quest classes? Perhaps a show case of all Elem Pedra? 
Really I have no clue on what to do. xD Anyway Just thought I'd let you know I was still alive.