Hello again! - Ogre Battle 64 Archive
Most information I have comes from my completed Ogre Battle 64 files. Well I didn't collect many of the large classes, Beasts, Dragons, and so on. So I started a new game to fill in the holes I have, since the information I want is rather impossible to find online.
Also I work on this site while listening to music...I just got sick of it all! So I bought some CD's today. Joy.
Edit: A lot of work done, now I have a list of a to do list before the finial spell/grammar checks.
Main Characters: Near finish
Beast: Needs more information, time to look online!
Netherworlders: Nothing yet
Spell: either reworked or removed
Fourm: Needs more work if it will stay

and then...I'll be done! So I should make my dead line.

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