Now I need your help. - Ogre Battle 64 Archive
Hello again! I have some very exciting news! Someone found my site!
Huzza. Free cookies for all.

As much as this is good, it is also bad. I have left this site alone for some time...just waiting for something to happen. Meanwhile forgetting my site creating duties. I must update whenever possible!
So thanks to the GFAQS forums I have gotten some information to help me out.
"its very clean and organized and it looks pretty, but lack functionality and precise information" -dino200089
He/she has a very good point. I do have a history of being vague. Now with that in mind, I hope to make this website more precise. How I am going to do that, I don't know. But I will try.
Leave feedback whenever possible, it is really the only way I can make this site better for you and the rest of the online community!

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