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Hello! Long time no see! Ogre Battle 64 is being released for the Virtual Console in Japan some time this month. With this, hopefully, other countries as well will see this game in the future.
In other news, I added a new page. You can find it under the instruction manual page tab thingie, and is called save files. I never knew about the data management feature in the game, so I thought I add it.
Also Thank you for the comments. I'll try my best to work on the things needed. Of course, I'm lazy, and unmotivated most of the time. (It's the truth, sorry!)
TwT my copy of Mischief Makers broke today too...I'm so sad. It's funny though, my game is completely glitched! Random objects are appearing, and the game freezes in every level, freaky. Hopefully it isn't my new N64 that broke it, just old age or stupidity. 
9/28/2012 10:53:37

THX for info

9/28/2012 12:02:21

you happen to be great on those publish


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