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Yo! Since I feel like throwing something new I've added a Facebook page for the Ogre Battle 64 Archive. You may have noticed the cool like button on the main page. All updates from here will be posted there as well. Why? Because it's neat.
What about Twitter or Google+? Well, I don't really care. If the fans want it, I'll do it. But I doubt any of you wanted a page on facebook anyway, so yeah. I'm just trying to keep the site relevant in the modern age.
Anyway, on to the updates! The Male, Female, and Soldier pages all have been updated. Neat huh? I beat half of you didn't even know a soldier page existed. >w<
This is something I've put off for a while, but now I've got some time!
Before, because of lack luster images, the guides and character information was small and unappealing. I tried to make best with what I had and created okay pages. But now I have better images, I am revamping the complete guide.

This here is the original version you come to expect from the site. This however is a preview of the new style. I'll be going through the entire guide and updating it slowly. I don't expect to finish it any time soon. Once completed, it will be as complete as the Flash version. (which is awesome as well). Once all these images are revamped, and the pages themselves, the Flash version will also get a similar update.

A couple polls ago, people have requested I make a guide on the NPC's of the game. Once all pages and images are updated, I WILL make an NPC page. My only concern is spoilers. My site is still, kinda, spoil free and I want to keep it what way. So spoiler text and images maybe be hidden. But then again, that's a lot of work and I feel lazy.
It's so amazing! Check it out!
Heya everyone! Well guess what! It's finals week! But that is beside the point!
The Archive, as promised, is getting worked on once again. I've already went through and corrected some incorrect data and spelling. Pretty boring stuff.
But on a more exciting note, necronium reminded me of this flash for Ogre Battle 64. This got me thinking so I contacted GouraudPalm about revamping the flash. He is willing to do it! Huzzah! So Ogre Battlers, time to jump abroad the flash train and help us complete it! 
Please Note: This version will not replace the original text version!
Click "read more" if you are interest!
Ever since my last post I've been thinking of ways to get the site energized. One way of doing this is reaching out to the community for help. So I went through my current needs and created this wishlist. They are ranked in order of importance.
1: Saving lost images!
Like I said, I have all the images, except a few. This is a sample of me improving a lost image. It's not perfect, but it is a much needed improvement! In my Japanese strategy guide I have nearly all the images. I will be scanning every page and have them ready for this modification.  All I need is some bored person with Photoshop to cut them out and improve them!
Hi everyone! It's Zargata.
Since I haven't updated in forever, I felt like dropping you all a line. I've got some good news and some not so good news.
First Good News:
I am graduating this semester! I am receiving my AS in Social and Behavioral Science. With luck I will get into my college of my choice and continue my education and get my career. 
I was given a computer! It's a little old, and Windows XP again. Sadly it does not have a TV tuner like the last one, but I may be able to take the one out of the old computer and put it into this one. But for now, I have one, and I can begin work on recollecting my old data and start updating the site.
Speaking of which, the Not so Good News:
I'm busy with school. So the Archive will continue it's hibernation until May.

Which is not terrible. So I'll see you all again in a few months!
Hello Ogre Battle fans, Zargata's back again! Now I've got some very bad news...
I broke my computer again!
That's right! It's the third I've broke in the past 4 years so I might be close to a world record or something. This is pretty bad, consider the one I broke had the AVI outs on it. So no more videos...or anything for a while. : /
So that said, my site will be going into another forced hibernation for a while, until I get this problem fixed.
Not really how I wanted to start the year, but things happen. See ya all later! :D
Sorry for the lack of updates in a while, but its the holidays right now! ^w^
Anyway, my Christmas present just arrived in the mail today! It's the official Japanese strategy guide to Ogre Battle 64! The book is beautiful and makes me desperately wish it was all in English.
Although the reason I got it was because of the tremendous collection of 3D art images it has in it! It's a set completer! So, with some time and work, I plan to scan all the images, clean them up, and add them to the site.
A lot of work will have to be done, and the Character Guides section will be getting a complete face lift.
Till then, I leave you with this rare piece of art that was found in the book I just got. ENJOY!
'Click for a larger image!'