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I got some bad news, I have intense college classes this semester. So with that in mind updates will be lacking for a while longer. I will work on this site as much as I can, but it will be awhile till the next big update. (besides it's not a huge update anyway)
As always feedback is loved.
Also a very cool Ogre Battle site called Saradin's Ogre Battle FAQ has vanished! The site stopped working for me, this is rather worry some since the site seemed inactive. It was a great site and I'd be sadden to see it gone. Hopeful it is just me who is having problems.
10/28/2009 23:53:54

Saradin's is down for me too, but it's still on wayback.

Hope you don't give up on this, as we're running out of fan-sites.

12/27/2009 23:51:01

I hope you will update this when you have time. I would suggest to provide average level up stat gains for each class. The info in Cyric's FAQ in gamefaqs are mostly correct. I also have info on enemy only classes' stat gains and base equip, so you could also include those.


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