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Hello Ogre Battle community!
Good news! The forum is almost complete! There are still topics to be made and things to edit, but it now has it's structure. For the project, I ripped many images directly from the game. Later this week you should see a new page pop up.
After the forum is complete I will begin my next video project. Huzzah! Dragon move show case anyone?
So you might be wondering when I will give you the URL right? Well since I figure no one reads this, I'll post it right here. If you have troubles with anything, let me know.
The sooner you join, the higher chance you have of getting all those cool user names! Join today!
8/3/2010 22:56:48

Hey, you've got a great looking site here. I typically don't leave comments, but I'd feel like a real douche not to leave at least the most minimal recognition of your admirable effort to keep interest in this awesome game alive.

However, I'll be honest. This is a pretty obscure interest, and it's a bummer to think that this website will see very little activity. As far as I knew, the OB community was pretty much resigned to GameFaqs boards.

3/26/2012 10:27:15

I really enjoyed this post, especially the “examples in this post” portion which made it really easy for me to SEE what you were talking about without even having to leave the article. Thanks

7/11/2012 21:14:19

good post


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