Welcome Back! We got a lot of work to do! - Ogre Battle 64 Archive
Heya everyone! Well guess what! It's finals week! But that is beside the point!
The Archive, as promised, is getting worked on once again. I've already went through and corrected some incorrect data and spelling. Pretty boring stuff.
But on a more exciting note, necronium reminded me of this flash for Ogre Battle 64. This got me thinking so I contacted GouraudPalm about revamping the flash. He is willing to do it! Huzzah! So Ogre Battlers, time to jump abroad the flash train and help us complete it! 
Please Note: This version will not replace the original text version!
Click "read more" if you are interest!
You clicked it! I'm so happy!
1: We need a fact checker. I have the spreadsheet that goes with the flash. I went through and updated it as best I could, but I need another set of eyes to go over it again and make sure the information is correct. So if you know excel, drop me an email and I'll send you a copy.
2: Remember when I wanted to save those images? You know, last post. Anyway, we are going to need them done for this project. I went ahead and completed the scans for each page. These where the best my scanner could do.
'Click' for Larger Image
You just send me a email with something like, 'SEND ME THE IMAGES!'. I can send 6 files at a time, and there are 17 files total.
So if you want to help, send me a email at ZargataOgreBattle@gmail.com
I'll be checking it once daily until the project is complete.
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thank you for your site! it's very nice ;)

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Nice one info, thx


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