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Heya peeps. Looks like Ogre Battle 64 got it's virtual console release for the Nintendo Wii! If you don't own the game, this is a very cheap way of obtaining it. I'll still play my N64 version for a while longer and buy it on the VC once my brother decides he wants his game back.
In other news, sorry for the lack of ANY updates. :)
I been keeping track of the website views and saw a recent spike in visitors. So I'm sorry if my website isn't I've got a very boring and active life outside of Ogre Battle that needs attention. But I'll drop by once and a while to change a few things. Aren't I just the BEST website creator ever?! It's called neglect. 
Also, shameless self advertisement here, but my web comic Fishing for Kraken is going online 4/4/10. So the reason why this site has gotten neglected is well...that. It's based off my other Video Game love EarthBound. So check it out if you like poorly made comics, or you wanna bash it for taking away my Ogre Battle 64 time.
Anything I have to go over...? Oh yes! Thanks for anyone who filled out my survey in the Community page! The information is VERY important to me! And if you want to ever talk to me about the site, just comment on this post. I do read them. :)