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Since 2012 is so close, I thought I write up my 2012 update schedule! These are all the features that WILL be accomplished by 2013. If you have any suggestions for me, let me know. I always LOVE making more content!

Beasts Page Update : Spring 2012
Golem Page Update: Spring 2012
Main Character Page Update: Spring/Summer 2012
NPC page creation: Summer 2012
Flash Guide Update: Summer 2012
Item Index Armors: Summer 2012
Item Index Helms: Fall 2012
Item Index Other: Fall 2012
Item Index Usable: Fall 2012
Item Index Update "How to find XXX item": Winter 2012
Spell Page Update: Winter 2012
Elem Pedra Page Update: Winter 2012
The Dragon Page has been completely updated! Well almost! The site I use for the graphs was down, so they will have to wait till Monday.
Beside that, there are no further updates planed for 2011. So Happy Holiday's and see you all in 2012!   
Just a small thing, but the Character Directory is getting a face-lift! The project is about 75% complete, so just wait a day or two for the new icons to be finished. 
Speaking of Dragons, the dragon page is almost ready! And on top of that, I made some original art for it! You can view it on my DA now.