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Sorry for the lack of updates in a while, but its the holidays right now! ^w^
Anyway, my Christmas present just arrived in the mail today! It's the official Japanese strategy guide to Ogre Battle 64! The book is beautiful and makes me desperately wish it was all in English.
Although the reason I got it was because of the tremendous collection of 3D art images it has in it! It's a set completer! So, with some time and work, I plan to scan all the images, clean them up, and add them to the site.
A lot of work will have to be done, and the Character Guides section will be getting a complete face lift.
Till then, I leave you with this rare piece of art that was found in the book I just got. ENJOY!
'Click for a larger image!'
Whoa! I had an unexpected run in with some dragons! Which was good. Now I present the video I promised about 5 months ago. Dragon Attacks!
Since I promised another video, and never delivered, I thought it best to make one up real quick while we wait for me to finish my Dragon video. 
This one has spoilers! You have been warned! Also this is my longest video yet! 4 1/2 mins! Woo! Enjoy. Also let me know what you want to see next! Kay, bye bye for now.
Heya! It's Zargata again!
Yep, another page has been finished and added to the index! I have made good progress and nearly got a page done a day. So hopefully I can keep it up! But don't worry, you will get at least one a week until the Index is complete.
Also, you will start seeing Growth stats appear in the character guides. No promise as to when I will complete that, but it's a side project until the Index is finished.
Lastly, I might have found a way to get all the missing images for the site! So stay tuned!
Something new...?! GASP!
That's right! I am currently constructing the item index for the Ogre Battle Archive. This index will serve as a visual guide to all the weapons and items in Ogre Battle 64. I have mostly everything, but I am still missing a few key items.  
If you see a hole in the index, that's because I don't have it! If you tell me how to get it, I'll be VERY happy. Like the Notos...I have no clue how to find it.
'Noish's Promise'
<---Every weapon will have an in game sprite showing it off. Pretty neat huh?

Look what I found! A new site!
If this is old news, sorry, but it is new news to me. Anyway they have the maps to every level, which is super neat. And they also have ELEM PEDRA PICTURES!
Which can be found here. 
Edit: Also the Instruction Manual has been updated. It is now easier to view it! So check it out!