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I got some bad news, I have intense college classes this semester. So with that in mind updates will be lacking for a while longer. I will work on this site as much as I can, but it will be awhile till the next big update. (besides it's not a huge update anyway)
As always feedback is loved.
Also a very cool Ogre Battle site called Saradin's Ogre Battle FAQ has vanished! The site stopped working for me, this is rather worry some since the site seemed inactive. It was a great site and I'd be sadden to see it gone. Hopeful it is just me who is having problems.
Hello again! I have some very exciting news! Someone found my site!
Huzza. Free cookies for all.

As much as this is good, it is also bad. I have left this site alone for some time...just waiting for something to happen. Meanwhile forgetting my site creating duties. I must update whenever possible!
So thanks to the GFAQS forums I have gotten some information to help me out.
"its very clean and organized and it looks pretty, but lack functionality and precise information" -dino200089
He/she has a very good point. I do have a history of being vague. Now with that in mind, I hope to make this website more precise. How I am going to do that, I don't know. But I will try.
Leave feedback whenever possible, it is really the only way I can make this site better for you and the rest of the online community!
I would like to welcome you to the first day of The Ogre Battle 64 Archive being open to the public! The site is still far from finish so any impute would be just loved!
Spelling/Grammar are not my strong points. So please enjoy and ask any questions you need to.