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Ever since my last post I've been thinking of ways to get the site energized. One way of doing this is reaching out to the community for help. So I went through my current needs and created this wishlist. They are ranked in order of importance.
1: Saving lost images!
Like I said, I have all the images, except a few. This is a sample of me improving a lost image. It's not perfect, but it is a much needed improvement! In my Japanese strategy guide I have nearly all the images. I will be scanning every page and have them ready for this modification.  All I need is some bored person with Photoshop to cut them out and improve them!
Hi everyone! It's Zargata.
Since I haven't updated in forever, I felt like dropping you all a line. I've got some good news and some not so good news.
First Good News:
I am graduating this semester! I am receiving my AS in Social and Behavioral Science. With luck I will get into my college of my choice and continue my education and get my career. 
I was given a computer! It's a little old, and Windows XP again. Sadly it does not have a TV tuner like the last one, but I may be able to take the one out of the old computer and put it into this one. But for now, I have one, and I can begin work on recollecting my old data and start updating the site.
Speaking of which, the Not so Good News:
I'm busy with school. So the Archive will continue it's hibernation until May.

Which is not terrible. So I'll see you all again in a few months!