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I'm getting busy, but the launch of the site will be on time. We are in the final pages of grammar checks and information retrieval. Some things will just not be complete by the opening and will be marked with an 'xxx'. I have to really do a speed through of the game to gather the information I need, but my time is limited with another upcoming mid term on it's way.
So I'm sorry some information will just have to wait until later. The site will be open to the public on October 1 2009. So I'll talk to you then.
Most information I have comes from my completed Ogre Battle 64 files. Well I didn't collect many of the large classes, Beasts, Dragons, and so on. So I started a new game to fill in the holes I have, since the information I want is rather impossible to find online.
Also I work on this site while listening to music...I just got sick of it all! So I bought some CD's today. Joy.
Edit: A lot of work done, now I have a list of a to do list before the finial spell/grammar checks.
Main Characters: Near finish
Beast: Needs more information, time to look online!
Netherworlders: Nothing yet
Spell: either reworked or removed
Fourm: Needs more work if it will stay

and then...I'll be done! So I should make my dead line.
Happy one week day! Wooo! Now lets see if we can finish this dang site before the 3rd, yes then we can open by week 2.
Undead page is more or less finish, just in need of final edit. Dragon page is taking shape and needs more information. My last game I only got the Flarebrass and Quetzalcoatl...that means the internet yet again will have to fill in the holes!
A home button will be added to all pages.
These should match the banner pretty well. Any way the female class page is now finished, the undead is next to be worked on. Followed by the completion of the dragon page. After that all the original pages, besides the spell page will be 100% done ish.
After doing some editing on the Elem Pedra and home page, and after fixing the freaken banner again, I found out just how many more pages I need before this site can open. But at least I believe that the site itself now has a solid foundation.
Plus I have a few mid terms that need my full attention. All that being said the site will open by 10/3/09 regardless of current state.
I've almost worked on this site for a week now, and I feel like I haven't gotten very far at all.
Even though the site isn't online yet, I still like blogging. I made a new banner today, it looks neat. But as I get closer to opening the site I might change it again. :(
Also I started to work on the Female Class guide and edited the Male one. I finished the Instruction Manual scans yesterday and uploaded them all. Found some artwork, and yes, that's about it.
Later tonight I'll do some editing in text and what not. Oh and try to fix the spell page. So many classes can cast spells that I had forgotten. ><
Oh and the site has a name now! So welcome to the Ogre Battle 64 Archive!

First/Second Temporary Banner

Yesterday was a really lame day. No matter where I looked, I just couldn't find the missing images I needed to complete my site. Well that was until I started to look in the Japanese google. With a little digging and some creative thinking, I was able to find some good quality images to finish my search. They are a bit smaller and blurry then the ones I already have, but hopefully they will look nice in the end. 
This is the translated site:
Whew, I got spells page more or less the way I want it to look. I'll have to go back later and finish up fixing it before I call it quits.
Other then that I found more images for the class guide and...yes that about it.
Hello and Welcome to my Ogre Battle fan site. It is still forming but I do like the direction it's heading into. I'd love to make some videos to help people with some concepts and what not but that is a long ways down the line. Once I get everything I found online onto this site I think I'll be happy.
It is just too bad this is a rather rare game and not many have gotten the chance to play it. So if your new to it, please enjoy. And if you played it like a million times like me...well I hope you enjoy this as much as I have!