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Hello Ogre Battle fans, Zargata's back again! Now I've got some very bad news...
I broke my computer again!
That's right! It's the third I've broke in the past 4 years so I might be close to a world record or something. This is pretty bad, consider the one I broke had the AVI outs on it. So no more videos...or anything for a while. : /
So that said, my site will be going into another forced hibernation for a while, until I get this problem fixed.
Not really how I wanted to start the year, but things happen. See ya all later! :D
1/2/2011 13:42:54

Aww man...and I had just found this site too. Im looking forward to seeing this site develop.

How did your computer break? Virus? Falling off a desk?

1/3/2011 01:24:17

Heya Safalaan! I'll still try on getting my site updated, but it makes things hard when I don't have a dedicated computer.

As for how it broke, I donno. It worked fine and then the next day it refused to boot up. So all may not be lost. It's not like last time when I fried the motherboard and hard drive.

I've got my techie brothers looking into it. So perhaps all is not lost yet.

1/3/2011 04:17:58

Good to hear. I especially can't wait to see what kinds of images are in that new book of yours!

I found a site with a few 3D models that were not on this site. If you google "The Hugo Report" you will find a page with partial 3D art, which includes Grozz Nuy, the Daemon class, Zeda, Danika, and Archbishop Odiron.

Hopefully there are complete models in your new strategy guide!

Aaron k
3/9/2011 12:15:22

gee that does suck but i am glad to see an ogre battle PoLC site that is active at all definitely keeping track of this site and hope that you dont break another one :)

3/12/2011 04:42:34

are we ever gonna see this game on xbox live arcade im hurtin for a good rpg

3/5/2016 01:29:30

Visits from Father Christmas, my oldest son James and his girlfriend Rochelle, my husband, children and father-in-law.


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