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Ever since my last post I've been thinking of ways to get the site energized. One way of doing this is reaching out to the community for help. So I went through my current needs and created this wishlist. They are ranked in order of importance.
1: Saving lost images!
Like I said, I have all the images, except a few. This is a sample of me improving a lost image. It's not perfect, but it is a much needed improvement! In my Japanese strategy guide I have nearly all the images. I will be scanning every page and have them ready for this modification.  All I need is some bored person with Photoshop to cut them out and improve them!
2: A copy of the American guide to Ogre Battle 64. It's an item I would gladly pay a fan for. I've been trying to get a copy for the longest time, but the prices are just crazy at the moment.

I've also contacted the publisher, but they were no help. Any help in getting this guide would save me lots.
3: Simple Photoshop Edits
Here is a sample...I want to take these
And change it into this...
This is a neat task to improve the look of the site, if done right. I would provide all the scans and 'translation' notes. This might be unneeded if weebly makes it possible for me to do something similar later on.
If you want to HELP, please send me a message via email. (ZargataOgreBattle@gmail.com)
5/18/2011 00:11:24

i linked this site to someone on deviant art that does some pretty spiffy stuff like this

You could possibly collaborate, i know they are looking for images like sprites and character portraits for what he is missing. If he can get more he will update that one and make a flash file like that for everything.

7/14/2012 22:47:11

THX for info


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