Ogre Battle 64 Archive - Updates
Very minor, but I went through the guide and added missing class description text to most of the pages. This mainly affected the dragon and beast pages. Check it out!
The Archive has it's official first fan created guide! Yep, and it's a good one! So check it out! Necronium did a lot of great work, and it's great to see the community contributing to the site. So check it out! ;D 
The beast page is 100% updated. Also I added drop items to all characters it applies to. Huzzah.
A new video from the Archive! There are more to come! If you want to suggest a topic for a video, leave a comment on this blog entry or on the facebook page!
Since 2012 is so close, I thought I write up my 2012 update schedule! These are all the features that WILL be accomplished by 2013. If you have any suggestions for me, let me know. I always LOVE making more content!

Beasts Page Update : Spring 2012
Golem Page Update: Spring 2012
Main Character Page Update: Spring/Summer 2012
NPC page creation: Summer 2012
Flash Guide Update: Summer 2012
Item Index Armors: Summer 2012
Item Index Helms: Fall 2012
Item Index Other: Fall 2012
Item Index Usable: Fall 2012
Item Index Update "How to find XXX item": Winter 2012
Spell Page Update: Winter 2012
Elem Pedra Page Update: Winter 2012
The Dragon Page has been completely updated! Well almost! The site I use for the graphs was down, so they will have to wait till Monday.
Beside that, there are no further updates planed for 2011. So Happy Holiday's and see you all in 2012!   
Just a small thing, but the Character Directory is getting a face-lift! The project is about 75% complete, so just wait a day or two for the new icons to be finished. 
Speaking of Dragons, the dragon page is almost ready! And on top of that, I made some original art for it! You can view it on my DA now.
Heya! As promised, the new Netherworlder page has been updated with the new look! Pretty neat huh? The next page due for an update is my personal favorite, the dragon page! Expect that update some time before 2012.
Also, I am sorry for the lack of updates, but things happen. Although I did manage to snag another Ogre Battle 64 Strategy guide, this time, it's in English! 
Lastly, I just bought my 3DS on Black Friday. I tested it out and I am rather impressed. The internet function is missing flash, but beside that the Archive is actually view-able on it! 

Kay, have fun Ogre Battling!
Once again, the Demi Human page has been updated to the new style. As before, if you spot any errors or can fill in the missing information, let me know!
As for other updates, the forum has a new land page! It's pretty sweet, so check it out if you haven't yet! There is also new smilies added to the forum. Check out this post to get updated.
Also, the About the Site page had an update yesterday. It makes more sense and takes care of all the legal issues. Read it over if you got a moment.
Lastly, the Netherworlders page will be the next to be updated. Expect it to be done some time before Monday.
The Undead page was updated today to fit the new style. Some minor new things where added; two vampire pictures, text update, and some corrected data.
Also, I will be adding a "Last page update" to every page I work on. It's kinda like the main one on the home page, but these are strictly page based. So lets say you see an error, you check and I haven't updated that page in a long time, now you know for sure it's something I've missed and it needs to be brought to my attention.
Also I've worked on the Forum a little bit. Check it out if you haven't yet!